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Who is Valérie Bacot (French Woman Killed Rapist) Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Nationality, Instagram, Height, Weight

Who is Valérie Bacot (French Woman Shot Dead)?

Valérie Bacot, the victim of a violent sexual assault who went on to kill her rapist and pimp in order to escape his abuse as well has been charged with murder.
A young girl named Valée first came into contact with Daniel Polette when he began raping her at only 12 years old for almost six months straight before being jailed again by authorities – but this time not coming back out because it seemed like all hope had disappeared from where they left off during previous incarcerations due to potentially bad ju-jus given how often people do “new” favors after serving sentences or getting released form prison/JAIL, etc.,

Ms. Bacot admits killing him in 2016 but more than 600,000 people have signed a petition calling for her release.

She says she shot Polette dead during an encounter in which he had allegedly been forcing her to work as a prostitute.

Ms. Bacot hid the body with the help of two of her children but was arrested in October 2017 and confessed to the killing.

The trial is a major news story in France and has galvanized public debate about violence against women.

Valérie Bacot Wikipedia, Bio

Valérie Bacot is a convicted felon and a victim French woman, who was sexually abused by a man named Daniel Polette for years.

What makes her case even stronger is the fact that Daniel was her stepfather, who later forcibly married her and also made her a mother of 4 children.

The abuse started when Valerie was just 12. It has been reported that she did not face the abuse and tried to get help. Indeed she got some help and her stepfather Daniel was imprisoned for 2 years.

Valérie Bacot Family

Valerie Bacot’s family consists of her 4 children, all of whom she had with her late stepfather-turned-husband Daniel Polette.

However, there is not much information regarding them on the web, and neither are there any details about any possible family members.

How Old is Valérie Bacot?

She is 40 years old.

Valérie Bacot Kills Stepfather

Bacot, now aged 40, says she was first attacked by Daniel Polette aged just 12 when he was dating her alcoholic mother – the start of 25 years of horror that saw her forced to marry him and bear four of his children.

During that time Bacot said Polette routinely beat her, attacked her with a hammer, threatened her with a gun, and forced her to sleep with truck drivers near their home in central France while he directed her actions over an earpiece.

But on March 13, 2016, Bacot shot Polette in the back of the head with his gun after she claims he threatened to prostitute their 14-year-old daughter.

Bacot, who has written a book about her experience called Everybody Knew, went before a court in Chalon-sur-Saone, Burgundy, on Monday facing life in jail for Polette’s murder in a case that has caused an outcry in France.

Valérie Bacot Net Worth

His net worth is not disclosed

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