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How to Become a Virtual Travel Agent



how to become a virtual travel agent 5d0dd58552300 - How to Become a Virtual Travel Agent

Would you like a career in which you can work from home on your own schedule and make tons of money with no degree required?

Become a virtual travel agent!

Work from home jobs are becoming very popular among Moms and several others who wish to make extra money from the convenience and comfort of their homes.

I had the opportunity to speak with a close friend who makes money from home as a Virtual Travel Agent and she absolutely loves it!

In this post, I will share with you why she thinks it’s the best job ever, the benefits of working remotely and share her personal tips on how you can get started making thousands of dollars a month from home with minimal effort and very low start-up costs!

Become a Virtual Travel Agent

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I got the chance to interview a close friend and colleague, Elizabeth Hammond who works from home as a Virtual Travel Agent.

With two small children, she was faced with a decision to either work a normal 9-5 job and spend several hours away from home or become her own boss and make thousands of dollars a month.

You can guess which option she chose!

After working as a Virtual Travel Agent for several months she has fallen in love with working from home and is passionate about helping Moms or anyone else who wants to do the exact same

How long have you been a Travel Agent and why do you love it?

Elizabeth: I’ve been a Virtual Travel Agent for a little less than 6 months but I’m already on track to earning twice as much as I was making at my previous job!

The freedom of my schedule is liberating and now I get to spend so much time with my boys. It’s amazing! I never thought that I would be running my own business and doing what I love: Travelling! And I get to help others travel too 🙂

“I get to do what I love: Travel! And help others do it too!”

What is your daily schedule like?

Elizabeth: My phone literally rings off the hook during my working hours but that is a very good thing!

It means that I have clients who are eager to work with me and I’m the person who can make their lives easier.

I take care of all the hassle and frustration that comes with making travel accommodations, so everything from hotel reservations to car rentals you name it and I’m on it!

I take about an hour in the morning to check and respond to emails, get the kids ready for school and get to work for my clients until I’m done or when the boys are home again.

Untitled design 1 - How to Become a Virtual Travel Agent

How much do top earner’s make?

Elizabeth: In my company, we have a Mom (actually, quite a few people) who makes over $1 million dollars a year! Your income is unlimited you really make how much you want!

There are people in my company who work part-time and still make a decent salary only working weekends. It’s so inspiring seeing others doing it and that alone pushes me a little harder every day!

Who is this job perfect for and how can I get started?

Elizabeth: Anyone! It doesn’t matter where you come from or how much money you have.

You can sign up today and start making money immediately.

You get the best training, access to some of the greatest vacation destinations as well as amazing discounts that you can share with your friends and family.

I finally can say I have found my dream job and wouldn’t trade it for anything else! I love being a Virtual Travel Agent!

Wow! Being a Virtual Travel Agent sounds like an amazing gig! I’m convinced that this may be one of the best work at home jobs ever! If this sounds like the perfect career for you then now is the time to get started!

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How to Flip Thrift Store Furniture for Profit



how to flip thrift store furniture for profit 5d0dd4ee16bf4 - How to Flip Thrift Store Furniture for Profit

Thrift store furniture flipping is the simple art of finding a highly-desired furniture piece at a discount and reselling it later for profit.

Whether you are considering thrift store flipping as a part-time or full-time gig it can be a great way to earn extra money.

If you want to learn how to make money flipping thrift store furniture, then keep reading.

thrift store furniture flipping - How to Flip Thrift Store Furniture for Profit

How to Flip Thrift Store Furniture for Profit

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Flipping thrift store furniture isn’t rocket science.

Anyone with an eye for good furniture and a few minutes to spare at the local thrift store can find that flipping furniture can be wildly profitable.

As proof, A.J from The Flipping Ninja, has made somewhat of a career out of doing this in his spare time, earning over $30,000 in a year!

Due to the extremely low start-up costs and profit potential, thrift store furniture flipping can be a great way for you to earn supplemental income.

If you are ready to learn how you can get started, then this is what you need to know:

1. Be on the lookout for discount days. 

When thrifting, pay close attention to discount days when furniture is marked down 25% or more.

According to the Flipping Ninja, these are the best days to “go big”.

This allows you purchase several items at a steep enough discount allowing you to maximize your profits.

For example A.J purchased this beautiful dresser at $83 and sold it just 7 days later on Craigslist for $300, earning a profit of $217.

flipping furniture - How to Flip Thrift Store Furniture for Profit

furniture craigslist ad - How to Flip Thrift Store Furniture for Profit

That’s a pretty decent profit just for spending a few minutes in a thrift store!

2. Price items 3-4 times the amount you paid. 

To make a profit on your furniture finds, you have to price them at least 3 to 4 times the amount you paid.

This gives you plenty of room for negotiation.

Also, doing this helps you establish your bottom line or the absolute minimum you’ll accept from a potential buyer.

For example, A.J. purchased this dresser for $98 and priced it to sell at $400, earning him a profit of $227!

dresser - How to Flip Thrift Store Furniture for Profit

dresser ad - How to Flip Thrift Store Furniture for Profit

Don’t be afraid to stand firm on price.

The right buyer may come along, even if you have to wait a week or more for your item to sell.

3. Take clear photos and write good ad copy. 

Taking clear and detailed photos of your furniture finds along with good advertising copy can help you sell your furniture a lot quicker.

When you are writing your copy, keep in mind what you think your potential seller wants to know.

This includes little details such as the type of wood the furniture is made from, the make and manufacturer as well as the style of the furniture (classic, vintage, modern etc.)

It also helps to suggest to the seller what the furniture can be used for.

For example, in this Craiglist ad dresser A.J mentions that the dresser has a “wide topped counter that can be used as a vanity station”.

craigslist ad for cherrywood dresser - How to Flip Thrift Store Furniture for Profit

Suggesting how the furniture can be used helps the buyer visualize the utility of the furniture piece thus creating

Final Note

Furniture flipping can be incredibly profitable if you know what to look for and how to sell it.

You can learn more about flipping furniture and other items by visiting

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How to Earn Extra Money By Testing Mobile Apps



how to earn extra money by testing mobile apps 5d0dd4f762601 - How to Earn Extra Money By Testing Mobile Apps

With all the different ways to make money with your smartphone, this has to be one of the easiest!

You can get paid to test and review new mobile apps before they hit the market allowing you to make money anytime and anywhere.

Keep reading to learn how you can start earning money with your cellphone today as a paid App Tester!

Get Paid to Test Mobile Apps

Affiliate links included. Full disclosure here. 

Becoming a mobile App Tester is the perfect side hustle for anyone who is looking to make a few extra bucks. You do not have to learn coding or need to know how to design an app, all that is required of you is an honest review of new and upcoming apps before they are released to the public to help developers improve their software or design.

To get started as a mobile App Tester, you’ll need to create an account with AppCoiner. As a member of AppCoiner, you will have exclusive access to an entire database of apps that you can download, test and review for cash.

Top 5 Benefits of Being a Mobile App Tester with AppCoiner

  • Work anywhere- If you have a mobile phone or a tablet with an internet connection, you can earn money from absolutely anywhere which makes this a great opportunity for anyone looking to make a few extra bucks without quitting their job.
  • Unlimited income- There’s no cap on how much money you can earn as you are free to test as many apps as you are willing or able to review.
  • Exclusive membership- As a member of AppCoiner, you will have private access to thousands of mobile apps with some that are new and haven’t been released to the public! Imagine how you would feel if you were the first person to play the next “Angry Birds” or “Clash of Clans”?
  • No time commitment- Imagine playing a game on your lunch break and earning an extra $15? As an App Tester, you can literally spend 30 minutes or less testing and reviewing an app and earn more than most people will make in an hour of full-time work!
  • Instant access- Upon creating your account, you’ll have immediate access to all available apps to be tested and reviewed which mean that you can start earning money right away.

How much do mobile App Testers make?

Due to the freelance nature of being an App Tester, it all depends on what your goals are. As a member with AppCoiner, average earnings range anywhere between $5-$30 per review.

appCoiner earnings calculator e1524340005463 - How to Earn Extra Money By Testing Mobile Apps

How do I become a Mobile App Tester?

It is incredibly easy to become a mobile App Tester as there are virtually no entry barriers except being physically able to test apps and write reviews! With AppCoiner you can create an account and start earning money using the tools that you already have such as your smartphone or tablet.

With all the ways to earn money online with a smartphone, this is by far one of the best ways to do it! Playing games and apps on your cellphone is something most people do anyway so why not get paid for it? As a member of AppCoiner you’ll be able to cash in on your passion and create a side hustle that won’t interfere with your daily life thus allowing you to make money on your own terms. Get started today by clicking here!

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How to Earn 6-Figures a Year as a Virtual Travel Agent



how to earn 6 figures a year as a virtual travel agent 5d0dd500a6189 - How to Earn 6-Figures a Year as a Virtual Travel Agent

Just imagine yourself working from home, making six-figures a year and being able to travel practically anywhere in the world. Sounds impossible? Well, it isn’t because Virtual Travel Agents all over the world are doing it and so can you!

Becoming a home-based Travel Agent is one of the best stay-at-home jobs that you can have because it comes with so many perks such as unlimited income, flexible hours and discount travel.

Keep reading to learn how you can make this dream of a career your reality!

How to Become a Virtual Travel Agent

Affiliate links included. Full disclosure here.

Are you tired of the daily hustle and bustle of your 9-5 job? Does it seem as if no matter how hard you work you’re still barely making enough to pay bills? Would you like to have more time to spend on your hobbies or with friends and family?

The good news is that becoming a Virtual Travel Agent can free you from your dreaded job, provide you with an income so that you live in surplus as well as the freedom to spend your time with who you want and on what you want.

Benefits of Being a Virtual Travel Agent

  • Freedom of choice– You’ll chose how and when you want to work. As a Virtual Travel Agent, you’re able to create a flexible schedule that fits according to your lifestyle.
  • Discount travel- As an insider in the travel industry, you’ll be able to get discounts and free travel opportunities!
  • Unlimited income- You can earn as much money as you want as there is no income ceiling which makes this career perfect for those seeking for full or part-time income.

How much do Virtual Travel Agents make?

On average, Virtual Travel Agents have reported earnings between $25,000 to $58,000 a year. The average salary of a Virtual Agent in the US is $38,000 a year.

How do I earn six-figures a year as a new Travel Agent?

work from home Travel agent jobs sue bradley - How to Earn 6-Figures a Year as a Virtual Travel Agent

She earned over $1 million in sales her first year!

If you want to knock the ball out the park in your first year as a Travel Agent then you’ll need the right training, tools and resources to get you there. Sue Bradley was able to make over $1 million in cruise sales in her very first year as a work from home Travel Agent. As someone who was new to the business, she made several costly mistakes that you wouldn’t want to repeat.

In her highly recommended e-Course Become a Home-Based Travel Agent, Sue answers all of your burning questions such as, “How do I get started?” and “Where do I find Clients?”.

What you will learn in Sue Bradley’s Become a Home Based Travel Agent e-Course:

  • Mistakes to avoid and how to find high-quality clientele
  • Tools to find the best host agency that’ll help you start your business the right way
  • A cheat sheet to the six most profitable travel niches
  • A step-by-step guide on how to use Facebook to find your ideal clients

Plus so much more! You can get started on your path to Travel Agent success by clicking here.

If you want to take charge of your life then you need a career that will allow you flourish and become the best version of yourself. Working from home as a Travel Agent is a very rewarding career and one in which you can create a life that you love.

For more work at home opportunities, you might enjoy: How to Earn $30/hr Writing Short Articles from Home

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