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Who is Sherrilyn Speid (A furious Purfleet mother insulate britain)? Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Nationality, Instagram, Height, Weight

What you need to Know Sherrilyn Speid (A furious Purfleet mother)

Sherrilyn Speid is a SCHOOL-run single mum who filmed rolling her car into smug eco-protesters as they sat in the road blocking it. When she could no longer take their antics, Sherilyn snapped then shared this video on social media with an expletive that would make even Captain Morgan blush!
Mirroring what many other mothers deals with daily when dealing with protestors., MrsSpeids posted this short clip showing off some quite satisfying revenge against these so-called “eco-warriors.”

How Old is Sherrilyn Speid?

She is 34 years old.

Sherrilyn Speid insulate britain

Sherilyn Speid, 34, at first got out her black Range Rover Velar to remonstrate with the Insulate Britain duo because she needed to get her 11-year-old lad to his lessons.

The mental health specialist, who was also on her way to work, said she lost her temper when they rudely refused and laughed at her.

A lorry driver was also seen driving his vehicle right up to protesters as irate motorists reacted angrily to Insulate Britain activists who were causing disruption on the roads for the 13th time in four weeks.

Essex Police said they made a total of 35 arrests, while a motoring organisation warned Insulate Britain’s ‘incredibly dangerous’ protests could pose a threat to people’s lives.

RAC road safety spokesman Simon Williams said: ‘However well-intentioned the cause might be, blocking major roads is incredibly dangerous both to the protesters and those inside their vehicles.

‘Not only will this cause disruption to commuters on their way to work, but there may be people who miss hospital appointments or worse still emergency vehicles will be delayed which could pose a threat to life.’

Sherrilyn Speid Viral Video

The video of Ms. Speid, filmed in Thurrock last Wednesday, showed her black Range Rover driving up to the backs of three activists who are sitting on the road holding an Insulate Britain poster.

After stopping just centimeters from the back of one protester, the woman, believed to be Ms. Speid, got out of her car, ripped the poster from the activists, and said: ‘Move out the way. I’m not joking. My son needs to get to school and I need to get to work.’

As she moved to lean over one of the sitting protesters, she then added: ‘Move out the way. Move out the way now.’

She then returned to her car while saying: ‘I’ll drive through you then. My son is 11 and he needs to get to school.’

Sherilyn got back in her £80,000 motor, started up, and nudged it into the eco zealots to try to push them out of her way in Purfleet, Essex.

They were eventually moved on but Sherilyn’s usual ten-minute trip on October 11 took  45 minutes and she and son Terrel were both late.

Sherilyn, of Grays, Essex, told The Sun yesterday: “When I got out the car, I walked up to them and I said, really nicely and politely, ‘Can you please move out the way because I’ve got to get my son to school and I’ve got to get to work’.

“And a woman was very rude and said ‘Yeah, everyone has got to get their kids to school’.

“She then said ‘We’re not moving and laughed and that really really p***ed me off.

“In the end, I said ‘Alright then, if you’re not going to move I’m going to drive at you’. So I got in my car and I went up to them.

Sherrilyn Speid Instagram

But taking to Instagram the businesswoman today insisted she simply nudged the eco-warriors, who had blocked her route as she attempted to drop her 11-year-old son to school.

She wrote: “I never run them over, I gave them a nudge, So dramatic man.”

Appearing to laugh off media attention, in a follow-up post the mum added: “Someone said RANGE ROVER,” with several laughing emojis.

In the viral footage, Sherrilyn can be seen screaming: “Let me take my son to school.”

The confrontation began when Sherrilyn pulled up in her Range Rover and got out to remonstrate with the protesters.

After getting back into her car she then drives at a pair, pushing them along the road.

Other people at the side of the road can also be heard swearing at the Insulate Britain protesters.

“I’m not joking, my son needs to get to school, move out of the road,” she said.

As a female protester explains why they’re demonstrating, she blasts back: “My son is 11, he needs to get to school and I need to get to work.

“So move out of the way then. Let me get my son to school.”

At that point, furious Sherrilyn gets back in her car and drives at a pair of protesters.

A man can be heard shouting “go on push ’em” as she then drives into their backs.

She then gets back out and yells: “I don’t care what the f***ing issue is, my son, needs to get to school.”

It appears the video was shot when school-run mums and lorry drivers were held up at an industrial estate near the Dartford Crossing at Purfleet, Essex.

The glamorous mum previously told her “biggest motivation” was her son.

In an interview with Urban Youth Mag about her business venture, she said: “He’s such an inspiration to me because of his positive, optimistic nature and his will to keep going and never give up.”

Short bio Sherrilyn Speid

  • Sherrilyn Speid, a 34-year old entrepreneur from Purfleet was filmed driving at eco-activists after they refused to move. She said that she only gave them a “nudge” and laughed off the clash saying her food business is doing well in lockdown now!

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