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What You Don’t Know About Peter Fray-Witzer? (Oberlin College Student) Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Nationality, Instagram, Height, Weight

Who is Peter Fray-Witzer? (Oberlin College Student)

Peter Fray-Witzer, a transgender male at Oberlin College in Ohio wrote an article Friday for the campus newspaper warning other students about “cisgender men” who were sent to install radiators. The reason why he was so angry is that its summer and there have been many cases where these people have abused residence hall residents by coming into rooms they know that no one will be present during renovations or work hours without permission from those living inside of them–which can put everyone else at risk as well! He has also listed some reasons on how being misgendered might make someone feel unsafe around certain types of individuals such as trans women but I’m sure you all understand what it really like here; after reading through his list each point

Here’s what Peter Fray-Witzer, a cisgender male student at Oberlin College in Ohio had to say about his experience with safe space installation: “I am angry and scared because I don’t know how this will affect me or other men on campus.” He wanted an exemption from having the radiator installed but was denied.

Made-for-mockery Fray-Witzer said in his op-ed he is “very averse to people entering my personal space.” His dorm is known as the “home of the Women and Trans Collective.”

He wrote: “This anxiety was compounded by the fact that the crew would be strangers, and they were more than likely to be cisgender men. I was angry, scared and confused. Why didn’t the college complete the installation over the summer when the building was empty?

According to Fray-Witzer, he and other residents of the on-campus dorm Baldwin Cottage received an email on October 7 notifying them that ‘contractors will be entering rooms’ the next day to install radiators.

‘This will mean that they will be in your room for a period of time to complete the work,’ Josh Matos, the area coordinator for Multicultural and Identity-Based Communities, wrote in an email.

Fray-Witzer wrote in response: ‘I had not been contacted about any sort of radiator installation before this email, so right away the word “update” stood out to me as untrue.

‘I grew concerned reading the second line, which informed me that I had less than 24 hours to prepare for the arrival of the installation crew, and I was further perturbed by the ambiguous “for a period of time”.’

As those awful minutes ticked by, our hero notes he “waited apprehensively.”

“The workers began installing in common spaces, and I could see immediately that they were all men,” Fray-Witzer wrote, adding that “other students shared my concerns.”

Our brave hero was roundly mocked on social media. Journalist Glenn Greenwald summed things up.

He tweeted: “Students at Oberlin, which costs $80,000/year to attend, are angry and scared that the low-paid servants sent to fix their radiators are cis men.

Peter Fray-Witzer Was ‘Angry’ & ‘Scared’

Wrote Fray-Witzer, “I was angry, scared, and confused. Why didn’t the College complete the installation over the summer, when the building was empty? Why couldn’t they tell us precisely when the workers would be there? Why were they only notifying us the day before the installation was due to begin?”

Continued Fray-Witzer, “The next day, I waited apprehensively. The workers began installing in common spaces, and I could see immediately that they were all men. It was clear that the College had not made a special request that male workers not be allowed onto the upper floors of Baldwin.”

Authorities Statements

According to the school, Baldwin Cottage, which houses 30 students, is ‘open to anyone who identifies as female or trans, regardless of race, nationality, religion, assigned sex, or sexual orientation.’

The Oxford Dictionary defines a ‘safe space’ as a ‘a place or environment in which a person or category of people can feel confident that they will not be exposed to discrimination, criticism, harassment, or any other emotional or physical harm.’

People Mocked Peter Fray-Witzer’s Column on Twitter

People reacted on Twitter, with many people mocking Fray-Witzer. “While I fully support persons’ identities and the rights of all individuals, Peter Fray-Witzer’s (@pfraywit) reaction to dork maintenance and the story about it is, IMHO, an immense overreaction and does a significant disservice to non-cisgendered people,” one person wrote. Fray-Witzer’s Twitter account is temporarily restricted, and there is nothing visible on Fray-Witzer’s Facebook account.

Joked another Twitter user, “@oberlincollege a cisgender man will be cutting the lawn this week near campus. Classes will be cancelled so students can find shelter during that difficult time.”

“How dare Peter Fray-Witzer assume the workers gender identity!” wrote another Twitter user.

Some people created memes.

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