Where is Noof al-Maadeed? (Women’s rights activist in Qatar) Biography, Wiki, Age, Nationality, Instagram

Who is Noof al-Maadeed? (Women’s rights activist in Qatar)

Where is Noof?

Noof al-Maadeed was a domestic abuse survivor who had been living in Britain for years, but she mysteriously vanished after returning home. Her family fears the worst and is pleading with authorities to find her before something bad happens.
Midafternoon Mail reports: “No one has seen or heard from Nof since Saturday when someone called police about an assault at London Stansted Airport.” In December 2016 alone there were six cases of wives filing missing person reports against their husbands while two other women also went into hiding following conflicts within families over dowry demands.

However, she soon withdrew her asylum application in the UK, following assurances from the Qatari government about her safety.

How Old is Noof al-Maadeed?

Noof is 23 years old.

Noof al-Maadeed Last Statement Video

She said in a video posted online: ‘If you do not see any posts from me in the coming days, that means I have been handed over to my family against my will.’

With the situation unclear, one news report claimed yesterday she told police she was subjected to ‘murder attempts’ at the hotel where she was staying in the capital Doha.

Another suggested that she was ‘fine’ but her friends – who posted their concerns on social media alongside the hashtag #WhereisNoof – are deeply skeptical.

They raised the alarm after she suddenly went quiet on Wednesday afternoon and did not respond to messages. There has been nothing from her since.

Latest Updates about Noof al-Maadeed

Rothna Begum, senior women’s rights researcher at Human Rights Watch, said: ‘We do not know her current whereabouts, if she is safe and if she is able to communicate with the outside world.’

She added that Noof’s case is ‘emblematic to many women, who face violence at the hands of their family or threats to their life.

And she urged the Qatari authorities to ensure that Noof is ‘safe from any form of violence, that she is free to live her life as she wishes – and that she is able to access the outside world’.

Noof sought asylum in the UK in 2019 but returned to Doha two weeks ago after the Qatar authorities apparently gave assurances she would be safe.

Noof Case

Her case, which highlighted discrimination facing women in the authoritarian Gulf state, became a cause celebre two years ago when a video documenting her journey to Britain went viral.

It focused attention on Qatar’s male guardianship system in which women are dependent on men for permission to marry, travel, pursue higher education, and access reproductive healthcare.

In March, Noof appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, claiming she suffered constant ‘physical and emotional abuse at the hands of ‘some of my family members. Her freedom of movement was also restricted.

Social media Compain for Noof al-Maadeed

Social media users across Qatar and beyond have taken to Twitter to raise concerns over the sudden disappearance of Noof Al Maadeed, a 22-year-old Qatari woman who fled the country following years of alleged domestic abuse.

Al Maadeed announced her return to Qatar from the UK on 30 September—where she sought asylum in 2019.

Her return to her home country, where she complained of abuse from her family, had been hailed as a “brave move” by many.

The young Qatari had been documenting her case on social media, and in one post, said she decided to return home due to her full confidence in authorities to protect her from any threats.

On 13 October, Al Maadeed published a tweet saying she was not safe before shortly sending another that said she was “a bit more okay”.

Shortly after, she disappeared from social media and has yet to publish any updates.

While Al Madeed previously tweeted that “she does not need to send hourly updates, her  silence online has since raised concerns, with many rallying to find answers

Noof al-Maadeed Short Bio

  • The search for Noof al-Maadeed, 23 has been underway since she mysteriously vanished four days ago after returning to her homeland Qatar. Friends raised the alarm when they didn’t hear back from their friend who was supposed to return home on Wednesday afternoon and it’s feared that something terrible may have happened during or shortly thereafter; there are reports indicating this could be due to domestic abuse at his hands either before or while together with one so loyal as herself).
    Friends can no longer wait any longer: “Where is my princess?” They ask tearfully in Arabic  (Qatari dialect) via social media posts – desperate not only because of what might happen next but also out helplessness concerning how much time has already passed

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