Who is Hank Lockwood (Henry Lockwood) Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Nationality, Instagram, Breakup

Who is Hank Lockwood (Henry Lockwood)?

Henry Lockwood, better known as Handsome Hank, is a producer at Barstool Sports. He’s based in New York City where he produces the Pardon My Take podcast with his good friend filter-tipped cigarette between pearly whites of an English muffin sandwich for all you baconistas out there! Additionally to making it rain hams and cheeseburgers across America each week – because let’s face it nobody can resist that kind temptation-, this metro Detroit native also runs Stool Streams which was founded after months spent working on another one of those typical white guy jobs: construction worker by day/DJ slash YouTube personality

Hank Lockwood aka Henry Lockwood is a producer of Barstool Sports.

Likewise, Lockwood is also the producer for Pardon My Take and the creator of Stool Streams.

How Old Is Hank Lockwood? Age Explored

Podcast producer Hank Lockwood’s age is between 30-40 years old. But, he celebrates his birthday on the 14th of July.

However, his precise birth year is still unknown.

Hank Lockwood On Wikipedia

Hank Lockwood’s official Wikipedia has not been featured yet. But, he has a short bio on Expedia.

Lockwood is originally from Scituate, Massachusetts. From an early age, Lockwood was passionate about sports and grew to have an interest in filmmaking later on. Lockwood graduated from Scituate High School in 2010.

Hank Lockwood Education

He graduated from Scituate High School in 2010.

Hank Lockwood Career

Lockwood was always passionate about filmmaking and reached out to Barstool in the summer of 2013.

Moreover, he offered to help Barstool Sports founder David Portnoy film and edit his videos for free. Afterward, he worked as an unpaid intern for four months.

He got a full-time job offer in October 2013.

Who Is Hank Lockwood Girlfriend?

Hank Lockwood’s in a relationship with his girlfriend Maria Ciuffo.

She is active on Instagram under the username @mariacuiffo. And, she has obtained over 374k followers and is following 963 personalities on the ‘gram.

Hank Lockwood Married or Not?

As of now, Lockwood and Cuiffo are not yet married.

Ria’s Reason for the Hank and Ria Breakup

If you want to listen to Ria’s entire explanation, then you can listen to the first 15-20 minutes of the latest “Chicks in the Office” episode. The long and the short of it was the couple was heading in two different directions. According to Ria on the latest Chicks in the Office episode, there’s a four-year age difference between Lockwood and Ciuffo. Hank is 28 years old and Ria is 24 years old. Also according to Ria on the latest Chicks in the Office episode, she never got the chance to really go out and live the single lifestyle. She started dating Hank at 19 and they had dated for about four years.

Frankly, I can’t blame Ria here! We all want to enjoy our low to mid 20’s. If she wants to go out and enjoy herself, then let her do her thing! She works hard enough with “Chicks in the Office” and “Because We Got High” and everything else in between.

Hank’s Reaction to the Hank and Ria Breakup

On the flip side here, I think Hank handled this very maturely. According to Hank on the latest Pardon my Take episode, he realized that when he was first starting at Barstool, he was single when they were in Boston, doing the Dixie Tour, etc. So based on what Hank said, he had that experience before he met Ria. According to Hank, he wants to settle down and “chill” as he mentioned in the latest episode of “Pardon My Take”.

There could be a possibility where the couple gets back together in the future. Based on their interactions online, they love each other and will always be there for each other. But it seems like the Scituate, MA native has a clear handle on this. So good on Hank!

So Where Does the Couple Stand Now?

The couple’s lease on their current place is up on August 1st. It’s actually weird to type this next part out…the couple has actually been separated for about a month before they came out with the details today! Ria is staying with her parents for the time being in Long Island. Hank is going to look for a place without Ciuffo by his side. Ria did mention that she is not shutting the door completely on getting back together in the future. Take that for what you will.

In Conclusion to the Official Hank and Ria Breakup

It’s always tough to breakup with someone you love deeply. It’s clear the two of them really love each other and think this is the best move for the long-term. Personally? I’m sad this happened because they seemed so awesome with each other. But after hearing both sides, it’s reassuring to hear they’re on the same page. If I had to guess, I think we see Hank and Ria back together. But for now, Hank and Ria have sealed the breakup.

Hank Lockwood Net worth

The verified net worth of Hank Lockwood is not yet disclosed.

Hank Lockwood Instagram

Hank Lockwood is active on Instagram.

He can be traced under the user id @henrylockwood1. Also, his account is verified.


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