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Who is Gage Melton (Attempted Robbery) Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Nationality, Shot Dead

Who is Gage Melton? (Attempted Robbery)

Gage Melton, a suspect in Ohio who attempted to rob the Papa John’s pizza shop and was subsequently shot by an employee of said company on Sunday night has been identified as such. According to reports from WDTN News channel 3 (WDTN) they say that around 11 pm last night two males with their faces covered entered into what looked like an ordinary pizzeria; however, this became anything but when one person pulled out a crowbar or hammer while another had something much sharper under his shirt – both holding weapons at ready! The reporting affiliate also mentions how 911 operators confirm there were customers inside during all three entrances: first doorway outside near delivery area then Inner Perimeter line where people can pay before leaving IHG nearby hotel.

How Old was Gage Melton?

He was 22 years old.

Gage Melton Family Details

His family details are not disclosed by the authorities

Ohio Papa John Shooting Details

An employee with a concealed carry permit at the store shot fire on the robbers, striking Melton. According to phone records obtained by the site, an employee told a 911 dispatcher after the shooting, “Someone just broke in and they were shot in self-defense,”

The caller added, “They came right in with weapons and tried to rob us. There’s one shot and wounded on the floor. One of them ran out,”

According to the report, Melton died and the other suspect was still on the loose as of Monday.

The employee who opened fire also explained their actions to the 911 dispatcher. The worker said, “I’m a lawful conceal carrier. I’m here at Papa John’s New Carlisle. I feared for my life,”

All the employees at the North Main Street Papa John’s were safe, according to Clark.

Part of Main Street was closed, and troopers from the Ohio State Highway Patrol assisted deputies at the scene.

New Carlisle and Bethel Twp. paramedics also responded to the scene.

A crowd gathered Sunday night as deputies investigated.

Gage Melton Shot Dead

Melton died and the other suspect remained on the lam as of Monday, according to the report.

Papa John’s Shooter Employee Statement

The employee who opened fire also spoke with the 911 dispatcher, explaining their actions.

“I’m a lawful conceal carrier. I’m here at Papa John’s New Carlisle. I feared for my life,” the worker said.

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