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Who is Enzo Almeni (Emad Jamil Al Swealmeen) Bio, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Nationality

Enzo Almeni Wiki

Emad Jamil Al Swealmeen, a 32-year old pizza chef and ISIS terrorist who had mental health issues was arrested in 2014 for carrying a knife around Liverpool. He changed his name to Enzo Almeni as he converted from Islam two years ago before opening a heartwarming home inviting Christians into Christ through counseling sessions against their will at the end of last year (2017).
On Sunday, May 11th, 2018 Emarati suicide bomber wearing feminine clothing detonated explosives outside the Women’s hospital on Ormside Drive; fortunately, no one besides himself got hurt or killed because those prying windows were closed during peak hour times!

How Old was Enzo Almeni?

He was 32 years old.

Enzo Almeni or Emad Jamil Al Swealmeen

A Christian couple who welcomed a suicide bomber into their home for eight months after he converted told of their shock last night after learning he launched an attack at the city’s Women’s Hospital.
The Enzo Almeni, an Italian man from Liverpool is believed to have been killed when his homemade ball bearing device exploded inside a taxi cab as they waited outside the hospital just moments before 11 am this morning during remembrance day services were being conducted in honor of those that died or lost loved ones aboard British Airlines flight 17 which crashed on 4th July 2013

Who is Enzo Almeni?

Almeni, a failed asylum seeker with Syrian and Iraqi heritage who changed his name by deed poll from Emad Jamil Al Swealmeen to sound more Western, fled the Middle East several years ago. He converted from Islam in 2017 at an Anglican cathedral he believed would be attacked during prayers time on Fridays; however, it never happened because churches were closed for winter break while last Friday was not Christmas Eve or New Year’s Day so there weren’t many people inside of any type attended services. When this didn’t happen Aimen went back home were eventually found Christianity through close friends Malcolm & Elizabeth Hitchcott but still keepsake memories – including how they used olive oil instead of dishwashing liquid.

Last night Mr. Hitchcott, a British Army veteran said he felt numb to learn that the man who lived at his home for eight months was behind last week’s plot. “It’s almost too impossible to believe,” he told The Daily Mail.”There were no signs of radicalization whatsoever–just some mental health issues from being sectioned after being denied asylum in 2014.”

Tearful Mrs. Hitchcott told the broadcaster: ‘What a waste of a life. But, I suppose to be thankful for he did not kill anyone else.’
MrHitchcotsaidAlmeni rejected Islam and converted Christianity in Liverpool Cathedral last year after being baptized as an infant by his mother at church.


There is a high possibility that the bombing was an Islamist-inspired attack and security sources say Almeni’s mental health problems were “a key line of inquiry.”
The car exploded when it reached its destination in the hospital which led police to suspect him as their prime suspect. It turns out he had been living at Serco’s asylum seeker hostel since moving from somewhere else but no one knows exactly how long ago because there aren’t any records for this place available yet (I’m looking forward to reading more).

Here’s what we know about the terror attack so far

David Perry, the driver of a taxi that contains a suicide bomber pulls up outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital at 10:57 am. He then jumps out after detonating his bomb successfully preventing him from entering into any hospital buildings or patients inside because he locked himself in with three other men who are also arrested under terrorism charges including one twenty-year-old suspect – all aged 21-27 years old according to police reports yesterday morning. Another man was rounded up early this morning around 8 am when Sutcliffe Street Kensington neighborhood was raided by officers executing warrants as well another property was searched where they found material linking them to previous attacks on civilians throughout Europe

Armed Police surrounded a property in Rutland Avenue close to Liverpool’s Sefton Park last night, where they found the suicide bomber who picked him up from. Officers evacuated neighboring properties and suggested this is where he built his IED before coming into contact with police activity that reduced at 3:30 am but there are still cordoned off areas near it due to investigations occurring by MI5 which aid them for future cases involving Islamist terror attacks while also providing support during current ones like bomb disposal teams doing their job well when dealing with suspect devices

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