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Who is Donte Franklin (Walked 17 Miles Daily) Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Job, Nationality, Bike, GoFundMe

Who is Donte Franklin? (Walked 17 Miles Daily)

Donte Franklin is a cook at Buffalo Wild Wings, and typically leaves three hours before his shift starts so he can make the eight-mile trek in about two-and-half hours. He told Fox affiliate KOKH that this was not always an option because it would have taken longer than usual for him to get there on public transportation or by car due to traffic but now with exercise bikes everywhere people are able to cycle their way into work every day!

How Old is Donte Franklin?

He is 21 years old.

Why Donte Franklin Walked 17 Miles A Day?

Franklin was fortunate enough to obtain a ride from Michael Lynn, a stranger who took pity on the fatigued pedestrian and transformed his life, on a particularly hot day last week. Lynn said to the station, “I’m like, man, he’s walking a long way,”

Lynn was so moved by Franklin’s dedication that she posted about his circumstances on Facebook and contributed $26,000 to help him buy a car.

Franklin has a two-wheeled option while he waits for his license; a local biking club stepped in and gave him a free bicycle to tide him over.

Franklin said, “I wasn’t expecting it, but really it was a true blessing he gave me a ride,”

“I can really help my family with this. It’s just a really good blessing.”

Despite his long journey, Franklin has never missed a shift and credits his mother, who died when he was 16, for instilling in him a strong work ethic.

Lynn and Franklin have become fast friends.

Donte Franklin Bike

Lynn offered Franklin a ride to work, and after learning more about his circumstances, was moved to write a Facebook post about him, which soon caught the eye of Kerri Collins.

Collins, who is the administrator of My Riding Buddies Oklahoma (MRBO) and Bikers for Elves, a biker charity group of which her husband is the founder, told KOCO that the post “opened [her] heart.”

Before long, the group had secured a brand-new bike for Franklin to ride to work and presented it to him together.

“I can really help my family with this. It’s just a really good blessing,” he told KOKH, adding to KOCO: “I really appreciate it. I’m thankful for it.”

Now, Lynn is helping raise money to buy a car for Franklin to make his commute even easier, with a GoFundMe page that has so far raised more than $45k.

Donte Franklin GoFundMe Page

Lynn then created a GoFundMe page to help Franklin purchase a car. The page had raised almost $47,800 with over 1.3K donors and 7.2K shares at the time of writing this story, well exceeding its $2,000 objective

GoFundMe Page Read as under

Hi my name is Antonio and I’m wanting to help Dante get a vehicle so he can get back and forth to work and wherever else he needs to go without walking and also to start his future .. Dante Franklin is 20 years old and he walks 7 miles from his house to his job everyday and he’s a great guy always helping out with his community, he deserves this very much, thank you for every donation and god bless, I am keeping very close touch with Dante Franklin and this is no scam.

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