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25 Creative Guestbook Ideas



25 creative guestbook ideas 5d0a06bd315f0 - 25 Creative Guestbook Ideas

In order to keep your sweet memories for a long period, you may desire for clever sign-in ideas full or creation sparkles and artistic design. Here are 25 ideas that will definitely impress your guests to leave their comments and blessings to treasure your good time and happy mood.

25 creative guestbook ideas 5d0a06bd71d09 - 25 Creative Guestbook Ideas
This Vineyard Cork Guest book is an easy way to get your guests leave quick notes or wishes during your reception. You can display the corks as a unique wall art for sweet memories.source

25 creative guestbook ideas 5d0a06bdbccfb - 25 Creative Guestbook Ideas
Quilt Guest Book Idea. Invite all your guest to leave a note on a square of your love quilt for your daily use. Every time you see it, it will bring back your sweet memories.source

25 creative guestbook ideas 5d0a06bdf2bc7 - 25 Creative Guestbook Ideas
Antiqued Guestbook Keepsake Box. Invite your guests to write their suggestions and blessing on the vintage postcards for them to choose. You’ll relive the joy of you anniversary by reading these cards in the vintage box. source

25 creative guestbook ideas 5d0a06be45203 - 25 Creative Guestbook Ideas
Reminder Guestbook. For forgettable guys, this unforgettable guestbook may help a lot. Having guests sign in with their birthday on a calendar is a creative way to know the attendants and you won’t forget their important events in the near future.source

25 creative guestbook ideas 5d0a06be7c217 - 25 Creative Guestbook Ideas
Guestbook Puzzle. Select the favorite portraits by the bride and groom for the front side of the puzzle. Leave guests’ personal comments on the back side. It’s super funny and exciting if you ask guests to put them together by following your clues.source

25 creative guestbook ideas 5d0a06beb9439 - 25 Creative Guestbook Ideas
Caricature Sign-in Board. Hire a caricature artist to draw a portrait for the couple and invite guests to sign on it after their arrival. It’s funny and the party will be filled with artistic flavor.source

25 creative guestbook ideas 5d0a06bf02325 - 25 Creative Guestbook Ideas
Fingerprint Guestbook Idea. How to create an art-piece for your guest book? Invite your guest to add their thumb prints to create leaves instead of placing signatures or messages to break out from the ordinary way.source

25 creative guestbook ideas 5d0a06bf25adb - 25 Creative Guestbook Ideas
Wishing Stone Guestbook. It dates back to an Irish Tradition for guests to write their best wishes on smooth stones. You can either display the pebbles on a guest book table or put them into glass vase filled with water.source

25 creative guestbook ideas 5d0a06bf6b8a9 - 25 Creative Guestbook Ideas
Wine Bottle Guestbook. Keep the wine bottle with signature marked by guests and open it up for your next anniversary to recall your sweet memory and light up your mood.source

25 creative guestbook ideas 5d0a06bfac45a - 25 Creative Guestbook Ideas
Vinyl Record Guest Book Idea. Many of your guests must be crazy music fans. Why not use the vinyl record for them to leave their autographs with silver or gold marker pens?source

25 creative guestbook ideas 5d0a06bfcaff0 - 25 Creative Guestbook Ideas
Wishsticks Guest Book. Deliver your guests’ blessings in a creative way with these feather wish stickers. It will add up a whimsical touch to your reception.source

25 creative guestbook ideas 5d0a06bfed1b9 - 25 Creative Guestbook Ideas
Woodland DIY Guest Book. Burn a message onto their ornaments by little wood pieces. You can use them for your artful decoration for your nature-themed reception.source

25 creative guestbook ideas 5d0a06c02cda1 - 25 Creative Guestbook Ideas
Sinfully Simple Plate Guestbook. Have a whole set of plates by asking guests to leave their words of wisdom, best wishes or nice notes on these simple plates. You’ll have a lot of fun while dining with these guestbook plate collections.source

25 creative guestbook ideas 5d0a06c0628b8 - 25 Creative Guestbook Ideas
Date Night Wedding Guestbook. Dig into your jar with sweet notes written by all your guests to fill your daily life with beautiful things and sweet memories.source

25 creative guestbook ideas 5d0a06c0974b2 - 25 Creative Guestbook Ideas
Guestbook Platter. After leaving messages on the platter by all your guests, bake them in your home oven for good protection to seal on the messages so you can treasure and display them for a long time.source

25 creative guestbook ideas 5d0a06c0cb4c3 - 25 Creative Guestbook Ideas
Wishing Tree Guestbook. Create a stunning focal point by hanging sweet messages written by guests on the beautiful wishing tree. This creation idea is inspired by a Dutch tradition.source

25 creative guestbook ideas 5d0a06c0ef78f - 25 Creative Guestbook Ideas
Wood Rustic Wedding Guestbook. This 3D custom wedding guestbook is made from wood, laser cut and laser engraved. There are so many hearts for guests to sign and would be appropriate for nearly 150 guests.source

25 creative guestbook ideas 5d0a06c11d688 - 25 Creative Guestbook Ideas
Jenga Guestbook. Invite your guests to take a Jenga stick to sign their sweet blessings and wisdom notes for the happy bride and groom. Every time the couple play the game, it will recall their sweet memories for a long time.source

25 creative guestbook ideas 5d0a06c1409b5 - 25 Creative Guestbook Ideas
Wooden Slice Guestbook. Invite your guest to sign their sweet blessings and wisdom notes on a large wooden guest book that is nearly the size of a tree trunk. It will definitely bring amazing surprises to your guests.source

25 creative guestbook ideas 5d0a06c1a52e4 - 25 Creative Guestbook Ideas
Wooden Surfboard Guestbook. Make your guestbook something special with this local shaper craftan old school wooden surfboard instead of a traditional guest book if your guests are avid surfers.source

25 creative guestbook ideas 5d0a06c1ca117 - 25 Creative Guestbook Ideas
Guitar Guestbook. If you are crazy about music, you can repurpose your guitar to serve as a guestbook. It will generate an awesome conversation when hang and display on the wall. All you need to do is to cover it with a protective coat.source

25 creative guestbook ideas 5d0a06c20d22e - 25 Creative Guestbook Ideas
Balloon Stickers Guestbook. Replace the traditional guestbook sign in registries with this balloon stickers guestbook. Invite guests to sign on customized colorful balloon stickers and place them on your personalized poster board.source

25 creative guestbook ideas 5d0a06c2463bb - 25 Creative Guestbook Ideas
Vintage California Woodcut Guestbook. I really adore this beautiful salvaged wood California guestbook. It coordinates with the vintage eclectic California reception theme perfectly and adds up a flesh flavor.source

25 creative guestbook ideas 5d0a06c282388 - 25 Creative Guestbook Ideas
Tree Stump Signing Guestbook. To break out from the ordinary guestbook, you can also ask guests to log in by signing a cross section of a tree. It coordinates with the nature theme.source

25 creative guestbook ideas 5d0a06c2b5198 - 25 Creative Guestbook Ideas
Typing Messages Guestbook. If you want to make it a vintage style to create something fun for you guestbook, you can ask guests to type out a message on an antique typewriter.source


Toddler DIY – Kid Friendly Christmas Crafts



toddler diy kid friendly christmas crafts 5d8b31eec792d - Toddler DIY – Kid Friendly Christmas Crafts

Welcome to the holidays, time for Kid Friendly Christmas Crafts.

Only this year, I have a toddler trying to help.

I went searching for kid friendly Christmas crafts and this is what I found.

I found the cutest ornament on Pinterest, so I figured I would give it a shot.

While I am putting the final result on my tree, this is totally a Pinterest fail.

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DIY Polish Star Christmas Ornaments



diy polish star christmas ornaments 5d8b31f393916 - DIY Polish Star Christmas Ornaments

My mother-in-law posted a link on Facebook the other day detailing how to make something called Polish Star Ornaments.

I watched the video and immediately fell in love with these easy, yet beautiful ornaments and thought how wonderful they would look on my Christmas tree.

Tradition of the Polish Star

In the Polish tradition of celebrating Christmas, the star has special significance.

On Christmas Eve the first star of the night is named “Gwiazda,” meaning “little star,” in remembrance of the Star of Bethlehem.

At the moment it appears, greetings and good wishes are exchanged.

Families then partake of the Christmas supper, “Wigilia,” the most carefully planned meal of the year.

Polish Star Ornaments

You will need the following supplies to make your Polish Star Christmas Ornaments:

  • A pen or pencil (to form the points)
  • Something sharp to poke a hole through the center of each piece of paper, I used a sewing needle, a toothpick would work too. If you use a compass to draw your circles, you can use that to poke a hole through the circles of paper.
  • Scissors
  • White Glue (to glue the points)
  • Jewelry Cord (to hold the pieces together, string, twine, ribbon etc. can also be used)
  • 2 Jewelry spacing beads, sequins, etc. (to keep the cord on both ends taught)
  • 5 Sheets of 8.5 x 11 Paper (scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, printer paper, brown shipping paper etc.)
  • A Compass or object you can use to draw around about 4″ wide, I used a cardboard ribbon spool
  • A Compass or object you can use to draw around about 1″ wide, I used a nickel


1.  Use a 3″ – 4″ circle (I used a cardboard ribbon spool that is roughly 3.5″) and draw 4 circles onto a piece of paper. Next, use your .09″ – 1″ circle (I used a nickel) and draw the inner circle in the middle of the larger circle. Do this on the remaining pieces of 8.5 x 11 pieces of paper for a total of 10-20 large circles.  Or use the template found here.

2. Cut the larger circles out.  Then Fold the circle in half, fold a second time in half (1/4), then a third time in half (1/8).

3.  Open your circles up. In the center of the circle punch, use a needle, toothpick, etc. to make a hole.

4. Cut along the folds almost to the center, but not quite all the way. You can see in the photos below where the cuts are made.

5. Put a small dab of glue on the point of one tab, then wrap the tab around a pencil or pen hold in place for a few seconds so the glue sets, do this for all 8 tabs. You can also do this without using a pen or pencil as seen in the youTube video posted at the bottom.

6. Slip a spacer bead onto your jewelry cord halfway down the cord (you can also use string, twine, thin ribbon etc.). I didn’t take a photo of this, so I used the diagram from

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3 Simple Halloween Crafts to Decorate your Home



3 simple halloween crafts to decorate your home 5d8b32249d078 - 3 Simple Halloween Crafts to Decorate your Home

At we like to get crafty but we are also a very frugal set of people.

When Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store challenged us to create a #SpookySpaces tablescape we couldn’t refuse.

Our table consists of three separate crafts which together make a lovely scene.

Or you can make just one or two of the crafts and add to your existing decor.

Looking for more Halloween ideas?

3 Simple Halloween Crafts To Decorate Your Home

Framed Holiday Quote

I love framed holiday quotes because you can customize and reuse it for every holiday table scape you create.

I chose the phrase ‘BOO’ for Halloween and decided to just use 1 letter per frame so it really stands out.

You could also choose whole words or phrases for each frame.


I drew my letters, cut them out and glued them to a piece of Halloween craft paper.

Next, I trimmed my Halloween paper down and taped it to the back of the mat that is included in the frame.

I then assembled the frame back together and it was done.

Easy and effective. (You can reuse the frames with new paper for each holiday, accordingly)

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