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DIY Paint for the Shower

by WikiLatest

Our kids are just starting to transition from taking baths to getting showers alone… yay!

I will still have two in the tub for quite a while, but our older ones are pretty much independent with things like this now.

This DIY paint for the shower makes shower time even more fun!

Anyways, about a year ago, when I started telling them that it was time to get a shower, I knew that they had to be enticed a little, so I made a fun activity for them.   

DIY Paint for the Shower

I make my own “paint” and they “painted the shower”.

Hence DIY paint for the shower.

  • First- I fill up a little plastic cup  or muffin tin with shaving cream (it works better if you have a cup with handles) – just a little drinking cup works fine.
  • You could also use foaming soap instead of shaving cream.
  • Add one drop of food coloring, of their choice.
  • Give them a paintbrush and have them mix it up and then paint the shower, while they are in there.

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