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Who is Dawn Walker (Missing Found Dead) Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Death, Murder

Dawn Walker Wiki

The body of 52-year-old, newlywed Dawn Walker was discovered in an alleyway near her West Yorkshire home. The wife and grandmother had only been married for 5 days before she met death at the hands of Thomas Nutt who admitted killing his wife after reporting her missing following their grudge-fueled argument over money which he said they owed him because of scrap metal theft that occurred just prior to their wedding day when it turns out there never actually were any debts due!

How Old was Dawn Walker?

She was 52 years old.

Dawn Walker Death

The body of a newlywed wife was found dumped in a suitcase near her home after she disappeared.
Dawn Walker, 52, was discovered by police and paramedics close to where the man said he last saw his missing wife on Halloween morning when he reported her missing. Her husband Thomas Nutt 45 later admitted killing Ms.Walker but according “to Mr. Justice Varke yesterday at Bradford Coroners’ Court inquest into Mrs. Walsh’s death; there are grounds for believing it may not have been intentional.”

Dawn Walker Missing

The inquest was told that after a call at 4.38 pm on October 31, police and paramedics attended an alleyway between houses in Lightcliffe with the discovery of Dawn’s body inside a suitcase slim enough to hide it from view until its contents were spilled out upon opening up said object for inspection during autopsy procedure conducted post mortem examination by pathologist Driscoll or any other qualified medical practitioner called into service if deemed necessary depending on how deep-seated injuries may have been sustained which could also account why one doesn’t see many cases where someone dies violently but instead suffers extensively beforehand.


The inquest heard that Thomas Nutt, 45, has been charged with murder and remanded in custody ahead of his trial at Bradford Crown Court. Senior coroner Martin Fleming told the hearing how a forensic post-mortem examination had taken place but he requested another one due to it being necessary for defense counsel’s legal team who are looking into whether there were any other factors involved besides anger or depression; these could include issues like drug use which affect judgment during an attack. It was only after correspondence between pathologists about their findings did Mr. Fleming come up against some problems since they didn’t necessarily see eye-to-eye on everything – Fortunately, however, this doesn’t seem too serious as long as both parties can reach an agreement before having the results examined

The inquest was adjourned until the outcome of this case. Mr. Fleming expressed his condolences to Miss Walker’s family at what he described as a ‘very, very sad and tragic time’. Nuttall has been charged with murdering Mrs. Norman between October 27 – their wedding day-and 31st October when her body was discovered on Halloween night inside an abandoned building near where they lived together in Pittsburg Bay village. The counsel for defense Abigail Langford previously said: “The defendant accepts killing the deceased…the issue in this trial will be whether or not you intended to kill or cause really serious harm.”

In the Recorder of Bradford, Judge Richard Mansell QC said that he would try to find an earlier date or perhaps look elsewhere on the circuit for one. This news comes after Nutt agreed in late January 2017 to be assessed by a psychiatrist because of circumstances and background surrounding his case. The trial was set for July 25th next year when leading counsel Stephen Wood will represent him at court hearings ahead of proceedings which are yet to happen unless something changes between now and then due dates don’t always work out exactly as planned–

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