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Who is Billy Fuccillo Wife? Cindy Fuccillo Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Cindy Fuccillo Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth

Cindy Fuccillo is mainly known for being the wife of late Billy Fuccillo.

The couple has one son together.

There is not more information about Cindy because she is a pretty private person and keeps her distance from the limelight.

Billy Fuccillo is made due by his significant other, Cindy Fuccillo, and child, Billy Fuccillo Jr. Fuccillo Automotive Group, situated in Syracuse, is the biggest exclusive business in the state. The Fuccillo Automotive Group vendor is in various areas across upstate New York and Florida.

Cindy Fuccillo’s better half, Billy Fuccillo, is being accounted for to have died in his Florida home on June eighteenth, 2021, at 64 years old, following a long disease. Cindy Fuccillo is basically known for being the spouse of late Billy Fuccillo. The couple has one child together.

Billy Fuccillo is being reported to have died in his Florida home on June 18th, 2021 at the age of 64 following a long illness. He is survived by his wife, Cindy, and son, Billy Jr., who is the president of the Fuccillo Automotive Group. Funeral details have not been released.

Cindy Fuccillo Age: How Old Is She?

Cindy Fuccillo’s age is pretty mysterious, but she seems to around 50-60 years old, judging her appearance.

However, Cindy’s exact date of birth is not disclosed on any social media platforms.

Cindy Fuccillo’s husband, Billy Fuccillo’s age was 64 years old.

Billy Fuccillo Background

The Fuccillo Automotive Group, which was known for its ongoing marketing campaign of “huge” savings, has 21 dealerships in New York and Florida, according to its website. The Syracuse-based company declined to comment.

Fuccillo was Raised on Long Island and is Syracuse University graduate. According to an Albany Times-Union article, Fuccillo started selling cars after he graduated and realized he was rather good at it. He bought his first wholesale car business in 1981 and his first new store in Adams, just south of Watertown, in 1989, according to the report.

Over time, the business grew and he acquired more and more dealerships. Today, Fuccillo Automotive Group has over 25 dealerships in New York and Florida offering a variety of domestic and import brands.

Also a philanthropist, Fuccillo was best known for his radio and television ads in which he boasted his catchphrase, “It’s gonna be huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge.”

In 2020, Fuccillo sold his luxury home in Cape Coral Florida for $2.25 million. He also recently sold several dealerships including two Florida-based Fuccillo Kia dealerships in March, and five New York dealerships, two of which are located in Greece, in January. His health had declined over the last year and stopped appearing in commercials last year.

Cindy Fuccillo Children Details

Cindy Fuccillo and His late husband Billy Fuccillo have a son named Billy Fuccillo jr.

Cindy Fuccillo’s son Billy Fuccillo Jr. also owns 5 dealerships in total.

His dealership is in different locations, with 3 located in New York and 2 in Florida.

Billy Fuccillo Jr. is the president of the Fuccillo Automotive Group.

What Is Cindy Fuccillo Net Worth?

Cindy Fuccillo’s net worth must be pretty impressive because she is the wife of the late Billy Fuccillo, who is an American car dealer and owner of Fuccillo Automotive Group.

The exact data regarding Cindy’s net worth is not revealed yet, but her net worth must be in millions of dollars.

Furthermore, Cindy’s late husband Billy Fuccillo was an American businessman with a net worth of $100 million.

Billy earned his net worth as the owner of Fuccillo Automotive Group, which is the largest automobile dealership in New York.

What was Billy Fuccillo’s cause of death?

Billy Fuccillo’s cause of death has not yet been revealed.

The 64-year-old died at his home in Florida after “months of declining health.”

Fuccillo owned several dealerships in upstate New York with his son, Billy Fuccillo Jr.

However, in January 2021 they sold five of their locations.

The car salesman was also a philanthropist and donated to various charities in New York.

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