Who is Cece Telfer? (Transgender Jamaican-American athlete)

CeCé Telfer, a Jamaican-American athlete, was the first openly transgender woman to win an NCAA championship in 2019.

CeCe Telfer is a Jamaican-American track star who in 2019 became the first openly transgender woman to win an NCAA title.

Tefler was born in Jamaica and assigned male at birth.

Her family moved to Canada when she was 12, before settling in New Hampshire when she was in her junior year of high school.

As a student-athlete at Franklin Pierce University, Telfer first competed in the men’s division from 2016 to 2017 – and was allowed to compete in the women’s division after coming out.

She took first place in the 400-meter hurdles event in June 2019.

Under NCAA rules, transgender athletes can compete in women’s events after completing one calendar year of testosterone suppression treatment.

Telfer garnered media attention after Donald Trump Jr quoted an article title referring to Telfer as a “biological male,” calling her recent competition wins a “grave injustice against young women.”

How Old is CeCé Telfer?

Cece Telfer’s age is around 23-25 years old.

Was CeCe Telfer declared ineligible for the US Olympics?

On June 24, Telfer learned she will not be allowed to compete in the US Olympic trials after not meeting hormone eligibility qualifications for some women’s events.

Transgender runner CeCe Telfer will not be allowed to compete in the women’s 400-meter hurdles at U.S. Olympic trials because Telfer has not met the conditions World Athletics established in its eligibility regulations for certain women’s events.

Telfer competed for the men’s team at Division II Franklin Pierce, but took time off, then came back to compete for the women’s team. In 2019, Telfer won the NCAA title.

In 2019, the organization closed international women’s events between 400 meters and a mile to athletes who do not meet specific requirements.

One of the requirements is that an athlete’s testosterone levels must be below five nanomoles per liter for at least a year.

If Telfer qualified, she would’ve made history as one of the first openly transgender athletes to ever compete in any Olympic event.

Telfer was previously listed as a qualified athlete for Friday’s opening heats, but she was missing from Wednesday’s list.

In 2019, World Athletics released new guidelines that cut off international women’s events between 400 meters and a mile to athletes whose testosterone levels were at 5 nanomoles per liter (nmol/L) or more, according to ESPN.

How Tall is CeCé Telfer?

She stands with a Height of Around 6 feet and 2 inches.

CeCé Telfer Married or not?

She is single, not married.

What is CeCé Telfer Net Worth?

Her net worth is not disclosed.

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