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Brianna Rodriguez Wiki

Brianna Rodriguez, 16 years old and one of the victims in last weekend’s tragedy at Astroworld Festival her funeral was held on Friday with hundreds attending to celebrate she lived. The program consisted of music by an artist who played some songs from Brianna’s favorite band Imagine Dragons as well as balloons covered in different colors representing their love for each other which were released during slated times while mourners watched floral arrangements fill up space near them made specifically so they could see what we saw today-beautiful flowers.

How old was Brianna Rodriguez?

She was 16 years old.

Brianna Rodriguez Funeral

Friends and family members gathered to pay their respects this past Saturday in honor of 16-year old Brianna Rodriguez. She was one of nine people who died at the Astroworld Festival last weekend, but she loved music so much that friends say they would dance together when no one else dared even try it out on the floor! On Monday evening there was also another vigil held for her at her school – Heights High where they were able to share memories among themselves through dancing too; something which might’ve helped ease some sadness during such trying times…

Hundreds of people attended the vigil which was held out on the high school football field. It was a beautiful night, and friends were in tears as they said their final goodbyes to Rodriguez during the event’s speech by Gregorio Villanueva; one friend specifically mentioned how kind she always seemed despite being so physically expressive when you talked with her or even just saw each other walking down Main Street together every day!”

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