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Who is Briana Sykes (Juneteenth shootout Victim) Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Height, Weight

Who is Briana Sykes (Juneteenth shootout Victim)?

Briana Sykes, the woman accused of shooting at a Flint police officer at this year’s Juneteenth celebration parade traffic point was identified today by friends and family members who were interviewed for an article in The Detroit News. They say that while she did have resentment toward officers because they had treated her poorly before but Brianna never imagined being shot just minutes after attending one such event with them on Saturday afternoon or having any involvement whatsoever- let alone being responsible enough to fire shots into their midst!
The video capturing these events shows how close Officer Jason Smith came when he fired back during what turned out…

She wrote on Facebook that she lived in Redford, Michigan, and was from Detroit.

Lt. Kimberly Vetter of the MSP said Briana Sykes, 19, of Flint shot at the officer from her car as he was directing traffic near the Juneteenth Celebration Parade.

The officer returned fire, Vetter said. Sykes was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Video shot by a spectator “appears to show part of the incident,” Vetter confirmed. It shows a silver two-door sedan, windshield wipers engaged, slowly rolling away after an exchange of gunfire.

How Old was Briana Sykes?

She was just 19 years old.

Briana Sykes Shot Dead

The shooting occurred around 2:14 p.m., according to MSP, and Sykes was the only occupant of the silver car. She died at a hospital.

Flint police asked MSP to handle the investigation, Vetter said, and “detectives continue to gather more information.”

Briana Sykes Facebook

On Facebook, Sykes shared a cartoon showing a police outline where Breonna Taylor was killed. The cartoon share bore the caption, written by someone else, #THISISWHYWECANTSTANDYALL.

Police Report

“At the request of the Flint Police Department, the Michigan State Police is investigating an officer-involved shooting that occurred at approximately 2:14 p.m. in the City of Flint involving a Flint Police Officer,” the agency wrote on Twitter.

The shooting occurred on a street that was part of the parade route.

State police said that the person who was shot fired at an officer working a traffic point for the Juneteenth Celebration Parade.

Juneteenth was on June 19, 2021.

“Preliminary investigation indicates the officer, who was working a traffic point for the Juneteenth Celebration Parade, was fired upon by the lone occupant of a vehicle who drove up to him at the traffic point. Upon taking fire, the officer returned fire, striking the suspect,” the agency wrote on Twitter.

“The officer was not injured, nor were any bystanders who were in the area. This incident remains under investigation.” According to MLive, the person shot was taken to a hospital. The shooting occurred on Saginaw Street near Leith Street. The news site reported that the shooting happened as Flint hosted the Juneteenth Day parade.

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