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Who is Antanas Jankauskas (charged with murder of company director) Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Nationality

Antanas Jankauskas Wiki

Antanas Jankauskas, 38 of Wookey appeared in court last week. He is charged with murder after a woman’s body was found at their home early this year and paying tribute to his former caregiver who had so much life left still ahead of her- Sarah Ashwell.”

How Old is Antanas Jankauskas?

He is 38 years old.

Antanas Jankauskas Charged

Antanas Jankauskas of Wookey, Somerset spoke through a Lithuanian interpreter to confirm his name and date of birth when he appeared in custody at Taunton Magistrates Court. Antanas Jankauskas is the man who has been charged with the murder of Sarah Ashwell after she was found dead last weekend identified as such on Wednesday morning.” He will appear before Justice Gower tomorrow (local time).

Emma Lenanton, a prosecuting lawyer and defense solicitor from Natasha Steele-charge of Jankauskas’ arrest while he was entering an apartment building.
The defendant is due to appear in court again on Tuesday for further proceedings relating to this case.”

It is with a heavy heart that we share the news of Sarah’s passing. She had so much life left to live, and our family is in awe at how easy it was taken from her on such sad circumstances around this time last year when she thought everything would be fine after surgery for an impacted tooth which has been bothering her since then — but no one could have predicted what happened next!
Nevertheless, even though all signs pointed towards disaster there were many people who refused give up hope because they knew how strong-willed & determined you both we are.

We are incredibly touched by the many kinds and loving tributes that have been posted on social media by friends, family members, fans, etc., in honor of our baby girl. It’s a comfort to know how well-loved she was from so many people- thank you for your thoughts & prayers!

The police are still trying to uncover what happened and why. They call the case ‘fast-moving and complex’ but so far have been able to piece together some information from Sarah’s family with their own investigations, as well as speaking with those who knew her personally or witnessed suspicious activity around the time of death.
The officer leading this investigation has said they want privacy given how much sorrow it must bring for all involved – especially at such an early stage in determining facts about one’s passing when there were many possibilities left open ̵

The force has said it is grateful to everyone who contacted them with information, shared CCTV and spent time speaking on house-to-house inquiries. A mandatory formal referral was also made by the police due recent contact from Sarah that we understand happened just last week.’

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