About Us

About Us

wikilatest is an independent online publication aiming to deliver the best quality content for audiophiles and producers. It is your one-stop destination for all your audiophile needs.

Founded in Sep 2016, our blog has attracted over 3 million+ pageviews and is read by people all around the world.

Our mission with SoundInformer is very clear – It is to help people make well-informed decisions when buying any audio products like headphones, mics, speakers, etc.

We have a well-versed diverse team of audiophiles, sound engineers, all around the world writing for us on a daily basis. Our audiophiles and musicians are in the USA, UK, Africa, and India who collectively contribute to the expert reviews and featured articles on the website to make SoundInformer one of the leading publications for audiophile content.

If you are interested in collaborating with us in any way, you can contact us here.

What content does SoundInformer publish?

There are mainly two types of content we publish on this blog.

  1. The informational tutorials and writeups
  2. Thorough holistic explanations of different audiophile products about Car and Home Sound Gadgets, Head Units, headphones, microphones, speakers, etc.

There are many posts archived from 2021. These write-ups are also upgraded regularly for relevancy and freshness.

How are we different?

Unlike other audiophiles and more review aggregating sites, we have a small team of dedicated audiophiles and writers who are absolutely passionate about helping our audience help with their production technicalities and purchase decisions.

There are two philosophies in the publishing industry – quality-first and quantity-first. We beg to be the former one. Considering the team size, we publish only 5-7 posts every week.

Each and every piece of content on our blog, go through a strict editorial process comprising of content researcher, writer, editor, proofreader, and publisher. Our editorial workflow is agile and also delivers predictable high-quality content every time.

Why should you trust us?

  • We tell you if products are not worth your money (even good products come with some downsides)
  • We try our best to make the blog posts holistic (which can get quite long)
  • We never accept payments or compensation for reviews.
  • We’re 100% independent (there’s no big company behind us telling us what to do and say)

Combining our own and other people’s experiences into blog posts is, in our opinion, the most objective and supreme way to review products and provide accurate information that the audience can rely upon.