TrumpCare Highlights News explained Important Points 2017


TrumpCare Highlights News explained Important Points 2017

Trump wrote on his twitter account “Obamacare has failed the American people. Over the past seven years, we’ve seen premiums skyrocket, choices dwindle, and government take more control over our health care. Left unchecked, the damage wrought by Obamacare would continue to spin out of control,”

A New Health Policy called Trump care bill has been introduced and Obamacare has been repealed. Although people had been protesting it saying correct Obamacare dont repeal it since it was very popular amongst lower income groups and was providing insurance and health care to 20 million Americans which previously had not been covered.

The new system rolls back legislation which has previously allowed America’s 31 states to expand their Medicaid program to millions of previously uninsured people. The bill is the first to be produced by the House Republican leaders and will come into effect in 2020.

Obamacare has stirred controversy since becoming law in 2010 under president Barack Obama and a Congress controlled by Democrats. But it has increased in popularity and is credited with helping 20 million Americans acquire coverage

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